Magnum Force - Discography LP LP

Cover Art
- Most of you know of Magnum Force from their brief contribution to the three way split with ACxDC and Sex Prisoner. Some of you may be lucky and have the Self Loathing 7". What not many people realized is that over the band's tenure they produced 39 tracks that take up almost 45 minutes of time. This discography LP was masterfully mastered by Jay from Gay Kiss/Get Destroyed/Burnout and compiles the band's two demos, the Skull tape, Self Loathing 7", Hood Crimes lathe, and a gaggle of unreleased songs. Phoenix was lucky to have such an amazing grindviolence band and this is the perfect collection to remember them by. This is unstoppable.
- Release date: May 25, 2017

- None

- Out now

Pressing info:
- 500 12"s

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