V/A - To Live A Lie Records Three Year Sampler CD

Cover Art CD Face
- After technically three years in the making, TLAL has finally concocted a legit and destructive sampler. Pro-pressed full color disc face but otherwise DIY packaging to keep the price down. In fact, these are all being sold at cost. Includes long out of print releases. This CD harbors the worst of the worst which includes MEHKAGO N.T., FINAL DRAFT, PRETTYLITTLEFLOWER, BLOODY PHOENIX, MAGRUDERGRIND, TERMINAL YOUTH, ARCHAGATHUS, RHINO CHARGE, GODSTOMPER, CONGA FURY, MESRINE, PROLETAR, HIP COPS, SMG, SAKATAT, UNHOLY GRAVE, GATE, AGATHOCLES, ATHRENODY, KAKISTOCRACY, NUX VOMICA, XBRAINIAX, AXRXMX, BADEATINGHABITS, LEARN, I OBJECT, FXPXOX, TEMPER, MEDIA CIRCUS, RAT BYTE, COMMON ENEMY, MAKHLOK PEROSAK, STREET SHARKS, and NOCOMPLY. More than fifty tracks in less than an hour, how can you not buy this?
- Release date: July 10, 2008


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1. MEHKAGO N.T. - Siafu Attack
2. FINAL DRAFT - Drenched In Blood
3. PLF - Massacred In Totality
4. BLOODY PHOENIX - No Remains Left
5. MAGRUDERGRIND - My Inner Self
6. TERMINAL YOUTH - Bridge Game
7. ARCHAGATHUS - Sick Life
8. RHINO CHARGE - Perspective as Law
9. GODSTOMPER - French Fry
10. CONGA FURY - True News
11. MESRINE - One Time Killer
12. PROLETAR - Arise
13. HIP COPS - Chainsawed To Pieces
14. SMG - Mincing the Facists
15. SAKATAT - Birlesmis Milletler, Bölünmüs Halklar
16. UNHOLY GRAVE - Danger Mines! (Perigo Ninjas!)
17. GATE - The Pleasure To End All Pleasures
18. AGATHOCLES - Superiority Overdose
19. ATHRENODY - Throne Of Civilization
20. KAKISTOCRACY - Claustrophobia
21. NUX VOMICA - Empty Out The Parking Meters
22. XBRAINIAX - No Suprise
25. LxExAxRxNx - Closet Friends
26. I OBJECT - Hate Words
27. FxPxOx - Time To Make A Choice
28. TEMPER - Sharpie Stains, What Remains
29. MEDIA CIRCUS - Hipster Holocaust
30. RAT BYTE - Speed
31. ANS - Turn It Off
32. COMMON ENEMY - Skate of the Dead
33. MAKHLOK PEROSAK - MxPx Revolution
34. STREET SHARKS - Slummin It
35. NOCOMPLY - Who We Are
36. ARCHAGATHUS - Throat Shovers
37. BADEATINGHABITS - Skate and or Die
38. BLOODY PHOENIX - Defiance
39. FINAL DRAFT - Lacirated Logically
40. FINAL DRAFT - Road Kill
41. FxPxOx - Deserter
42. GODSTOMPER - Family Crisis
43. HIP COPS - Laugh With The Like
44. MAGRUDERGRIND - Spicy Delight
45. NOCOMPLY - Blinded Vision
46. PROLETAR - George War Bush
47. RHINO CHARGE - Circular Evolution
48. SAKATAT - Tarih?
49. SMG - Fun Scum 2006
50. TERMINAL YOUTH - So Sincere
51. XBRAINIAX - Pwn3d Community

Pressing info:
- 200 first press CDs
- < 100 budget edition

"This compliation gives an overview of the releases To Live A Lie Records participated in over the past three years. It's 51 tracks of hardcore, grindcore, and powerviolence, clocking in at almost an hour, so it certainly qualifies for the pages of Short Fast and Loud. The track list reads kind of reads like a "Who's Who" of the genres, with favorites like Agathocles, Unholy Grave, Godstomper, Magrudergrind, xBrainiax, Nux Vomica, and Mesrine. Favorite band on here I never head of award: Final Draft. Fans of extreme hardcore will definitely find something they like on here. Check it out. Congrats to the label for being involved with so many killer releases."
- Short, Fast, and Loud Issue #20

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