Get Destroyed! - Shut In 7"

Cover Art
- Back from the ashes, GET DESTROYED! drop their third EP of brutal fastcore their best yet. Pummeling contrasts between short blasts and hammer-crushing slow parts, GxDx are veterans of this style and never fail to devastate. Fans of early HATRED SURGE and CROSSED OUT take note. Special guest vocals from Grace Perry of LANDMINE MARATHON.
- Split release between 625 Thrashcore, Give Praise, and RSR
- Release date: August 1, 2011

Get Destroyed! - Shut In (487KB)
Get Destroyed! - Horizon (1.1 MB)
Get Destroyed! - Gather Grange (580 KB)

White vinyl:

Black vinyl:

Pressing info:
- 1200?? black vinyl
- 300?? white vinyl

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