NoComply / Suppresion - split 10"

Cover Art
- SUPPRESSION are hot off splits with DAHMER, ENEMY SOIL, GRIEF, DESPISE YOU, BENUMB on labels such as SLAP A HAM and BOVINE... wait, no they aren't, those releases were 20 from years ago... RVA's SUPPRESSION are back after being an inactive noise group for a number of years to take the reigns back on to their powerviolence purebread. This time back they have taken almost a bass-fueled mutant of LIGHTNING BOLT approach to powerviolence. On the flipside another 90's powerviolence powerhouse brings you brand new 2013 tracks of bass, drums, noise, and anger. Both bands have taken and warped your views of what can be done when pissed off kids of the 90's grow up and become pissed off men.
- Release date: October 1, 2013



Pressing info:
- 300 black 10"s
- 100 green 10"s
- 100 orange 10"s
- 10? test presses

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